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Marble Surface

Eyelash extensions help to enhance the natural look of your lashes. Choose between semi-permanent eyelash extensions where fibers are attached, strand by strand, to your natural lashes or strip lashes, a temporary enhancement to your every day look.

Semi-Permanent Classic Eyelash Extensions

In order to determine the best option for your eyelashes, a consultation appointment is required.  During the consultation appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, review picture and determine if eyelash extensions are right for you.  The consultation fee is $25, and it will be applied to your eyelash set if you choose to set an appointment during the time of the consultation.  Book your consultation now.

Note:  Consultations can also be done during the time of your appointment.

Partial Set_edited.jpg

Partial Bee Set

A Partial Bee Set gives you an option to date the semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  An hour and fifteen minutes and an estimate of 45 eyelash extensions are applied per eye.  


This set gives you an option to date them for a few weeks and decide if you want to make full commitment to marry.  


Consultation time is fifteen minutes.  




Bumble Bee Set

A Bumble Set is a natural set and a full commitment to eyelash extensions.  An hour and a half minutes in time and an estimated 80-eyelash extensions are applied per eye. 


This set gives a natural look of extensions and doubles your volume.  It also allows for a full commitment of extensions.

You will B naturally Lashfull in your Bumble Bee Set.


Queen Bee Set_edited.jpg

Queen Bee Set

A Queen Bee Set is our fullest set and is glamorous, wherein an eyelash extension is applied to every lash.  



This set gives a glamorous look and allows for a fuller commitment of extenstions.


You will B glamorously Lashfull in your Queen Bee Set.



Volume Extensions

Volume Extensions

The set is applied with only fan lashes and is the most full and dramatic set.





Bottom Lashes

Bottom Lashes

The shortest eyelash extension is applied to the lower lid of the lashes creating a baby doll effect. 


The lashes are for special occasions and will NOT last as long as the top lashes due to gravity.



Colored / Sparkle Lashes

The lashes are considered highlights and come in different colors and sparkles.  Five lashes will be applied to the set.

These lashes are for special occasions.


For information on how to care for your semi-permanent eyelash extensions, please visit the link below.

Eyelash Extension Maintenance

Hair Salon

Eyelash Extensions Fill-Ins

Weekly Fill-In

A 1-2 week fill-in is a 45 minute fill of semi-permanent eyelash extensions if within 2 weeks of your previous services.


Regular Fill-In

A 2-4 week regular fill is a 60 minute fill of semi-permanent eyelash extensions if within 4 weeks of your previous service.


Super Fill

A 4-6 week super fill is a 75-minute fill of semi-permanent eyelash extensions if within 4-6 weeks of your previous services.


Hair Salon

Strip Lashes


Strip Lashes

Application of a single strip lash.


Eyelash Extensions
Strip Lashes
Extension Fill-Ins
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