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Hair Salon

Natural Hair

Marble Surface

B Lashful Boudoir cares about the state of your natural hair.  If you wear protective styles, come in for a cleansing, deep conditioning and trimming of your tresses or get your hair styled.  We offer natural styling and silk press, and we're highly trained in color application as well.


Hair Salon


Shampoo and conditioning of your natural tresses.  No Style/Dry.  


Add $10 if blow dry is needed




Hair Cut

Women's Trim

Ends dusted.  This trim is needed for maintenance and should be done once every 8 weeks.

$25 & up

For Hair at Shoulders.  Longer length maybe extra.  Consultation will be provided.

Hair Supplies

Women's Cut

Price may vary depending on hair length and type.  



$50 and up

Layers. Bob.  Precise Cutting.  Special Techniques Cuts.


Deep Conditioning

Moisture for dry, brittle, damaged tresses in a cap under a hooded dryer.


Smiling Model

Natural Styling

This includes rearranging the natural pattern of your kinky curly tresses.

We offer Wash N' Go, Flexi-rod curls, Two-Strand Twists, Rod sets, Coils/Straw Set, Up Do's, etc.   Price may be higher depending upon the thickness, density and length of the hair.

$85 and up

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