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Lash Mentoring Program

Get the truth about Eyelash Extensions training, by first learning about my Mentorship Program! 


Learn the tricks and trades of how to market your new craft to the fullest. B Lashfull Boudoir, LLC will train you how to have a successful lash business.  We give you the "FACTS" about this lucrative, yet competitive industry.

Become certified as an Eyelash Extension Artist.  Discover the truth about the adhesives, applications and manufacturers of eyelash extension products.  Learn about the different types of adhesives on the market. 


In the initial one-on-one 8 hour training course, you will become knowledgeable about the different types of eyelash extensions.  The cost of the mentorship course is $1,000 and includes a training manual, certification, hands-on training and all training supplies to apply to over 30 clients.  After your initial 8 hour one-on-one training, we will book six 3-hour sessions to shadow my work as well as bring in your own clients for hands-on training during their fill in periods.  At this time, you can bring in your clients where-in you have extra questions.  We will do their lashes together where you will be able to ask additional questions. 


I will offer all tips and tricks to the game.

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